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Each stream supports us

Watching Biking Borders (again) is a big support for us. It enables us to do further projects in the future.

Worth it. Even when you’ve watched it already.

Only a few Instagram stories are integrated into the movie. Now with almost 10 minutes of extra material, you can see all stories: funny, touching, raw, exclusive.

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After buying the stream, you got 72 minutes to watch the movie. How often you watch it within this time frame is completely up to you.

Only here with English subtitles

Want to watch it with English subtitles? Now it is possible.

Almost 10 minutes extra: All Instagram stories of our journey

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Frequently asked questions

After the successful purchase, you will receive an automatic email. Within that mail you will find the code to play the video. 

By buying this stream, you have access to a playlist that includes both, the movie and the extra material. 

Yes, you can watch the stream on your computer, smartphone, tablet oder TV.

No, that’s not possible. You’ll be signed out from your first device once you start streaming on another one.

Currently you can only purchase the movie using PayPal.

Currently there are only English subtitles available.

After buying you get 72 hours to watch the stream. The starting point of this time frame is thereby marked by the time of purchase. 

You can watch the movie as often as you like within this 72 hours time frame.


For problems, other questions, or requests for a larger number of streams, please contact